Brandon Heiman // SF, CA








Senior Industrial Designer, fuseproject (2016 - present)

Industrial Designer, fuseproject (2014 - 2016)

Industrial Design Contractor, fuseproject (2013 - 2014)


  • Lead projects with small teams of talented people.  
  • Always keep high-design, quality, and function at forefront.
  • Create products and experiences at world renowned design studio.
  • Establish narratives that help drive design forward with purpose, intelligence and value. 
  • Problem solve quickly while thinking ahead to visualize potential roadblocks. 
  • Develop new design techniques in order to iterate / streamline / evolve designs.
  • Work with / learn from founder Yves Béhar ensuring the vision he sets is met. 
  • Collaborate with diverse multi-faceted team, who constantly push each other to perform and deliver incredible work.
  • Member of team chosen to revamp materials library with better usability thru organization and design.
  • Work with team & clients on projects such as:  Desktop Metal, Fluidigm, Duracell, Paypal, Jawbone, OLPC, August, SodaStream, Nivea, Centro, and Whole World Water  


Industrial Design instructor, Academy of Art University  ( 2015 - 2017)



  • lead lectures on design theory and principles. 
  • strengthen their willingness to push themselves physically and mentally. 
  • drive home the importance of designing with a sense of meaning and story.
  • ask the hard questions in order to lead student down the right path yet find solutions for themselves.  
  • mentor senior level students to become ready for their professional careers 
  • provide feedback and critique along the way 
  • after graduation continue to be a contact for the industry and mentorship


Industrial Design / R&D / Advertising, Rio Mobility (2011 - 2013)



  • Jump into ongoing projects helping to bring to completion.
  • Help solve difficult mechanical problems while applying higher level aesthetics.
  • Work closely with Engineer to take prototypes to manufacturable level.
  • Preform quality control and note design changes needed to increase product reliability.
  • SolidWorks modeling and blueprinting.
  • Design and implement new advertising systems with strong emotional connection to target user.
  • Create new higher level video/graphic content for future website update.


Freelance, Zero Nine Design LLC. (2012)



  • Solid modeling of next gen medical equipment.
  • User ergonomic awareness.
  • Interpreting design intentions from sketch to volume study.
  • Consult with Principal.
  • Out-of-office work and communication.


Freelance, Maingear Inc. (2010)



  • Concept development and revamp.
  • Design variations for review.
  • Limited production and cost constraints. 
  • Focus on thermal qualities and air flow. 


Industrial Design / Sales, Fatlace LLC. (2009 - 2011)



  • Create concept drawings, sketch models, 3D CAD renderings, and blueprints to enhance product viability.
  • Create a Project Plan spreadsheet to make green-lighting and design phase understanding efficient for creative director.
  • Speak with new manufactures (US and overseas) to establish connections with those able to produce new prototypes and products.
  • Work as sole industrial designer creating a new product line for Fatlace while working closely with creative director.
  • Research and analyze potential product opportunities. Hard and soft goods included.
  • Take on multiple projects and bring them to a manufacturable level.
  • Graphic design work with an understanding and implementation of second and third generation re-branding opportunities.
  • Document and blog using product photography and the written word to help sell items through an online medium.


Technician / Fabrication, S-Car-Go Racing Inc. (2004-2010)



  • Interaction with valued customers. In person and via phone.
  • Taking on large expensive projects with refined goals.
  • Craftsmanship
  • Organize and help with efficient part distribution and display presentation.
  • Design and fabricate parts needed for custom Porsche projects
  • Work as a team under pressure of tight deadlines late into the night.
  • Film and photograph everything of interest for website content.
  • General Porsche maintenance, modification and tuning.



  • Bachelors of Industrial Design - Academy Art (2012)


  • Selected to attend AAU industry meet and greet spring - 2011 & 2012
  • Chosen for Americas Cup + AAU Team China 2030 Redesign - 2012
  • Student Showcase AAU "Spring Show" - 2012 


  • Outside the box problem solving
  • Conceptual ideation
  • Digital and analog sketching
  • Ergonomic studies/needs
  • Material and color trends
  • Target market research
  • Trend analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Presentation rendering
  • CAD (Solidworks, Rhino+Grasshopper, & Alias)
  • Blueprinting
  • Product photography
  • Graphic design & Branding
  • Prototyping & Model making
  • Vacuum forming
  • Welding (Mig/Tig)
  • Machining (Mill/Lathe)
  • Silk screening
  • Material strengths
  • Electrical device wiring/schematics
  • Work closely with senior designers and other teammates
  • Organized creative process
  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Ability to take on multiple projects
  • Process documentation


  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, InDesign, Sketchbook pro
  • Rhino, Grasshopper, Alias, SolidWorks
  • Data organization in Excel and Google Docs
  • Blog related activities via Wordpress