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DNA sequencing used to take 1 day. Today it takes 1 hour thanks to IFC's,

Fludigm's revolutionary integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) empower life science researchers by automating molecular biology at the nano scale.

At this small level, inspiration emerges from the flow of cells along micro fluidic pathways and the efficiencies of time...

In search of a bold new design language, a single pass machining method was chosen to cut time in manufacturing while establishing an own-able design signature.


Scientist UX

No distraction a touch screen and hidden IFC plate presents the user with a clean interface. That is easy to keep clean in-between uses. 

 Technician UX

The two-tone split hints to the ease of maintenance that so critical for these machines. A "pop of the hood" quickly exposes 50% of the internals components. 

An  elevated stance  allows cool air to be drawn in from bellow.

An elevated stance allows cool air to be drawn in from bellow.


Working in tandem with Neal Feay, both inside and outside were fully considered. 



The second product in the fludigm family to be created under the new branding. 

Scientists would be spending much more time interacting with the machine, therefore a full size articulating screen was chosen for comfort and ease of use.  

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